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[SAAS] - Definitions app should show problem when dialog field $type is wrong


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      This ticket is for SaaS, CFGUI-181 is for DX-Core.

      When developer specifies a field $type that does not exist, a useful warning is displayed in the logs, but no "problem" is displayed in the "Definitions app". A problem should be displayed otherwise it is difficult for a developer to find the cause of the problem. 

      The same problem happens on DXCORE and SaaS, but the problem is slightly worse on SaaS as the logs cannot be seen by the developer and the "Configuration Monitor" does not report any problem.


      To reproduce:

      Note that "textArea" is not a valid $type here.

      Use the following dialog for a page template: 


      label: My Page
            label: Title
            $type: textField
            i18n: true
            label: Test
            $type: textArea
            i18n: true



      Then create a page of that type and try to edit that page in the page editor. 

      > You get an exception that the page cannot be edited.

      Go to the Definitions App - notice that there are no problems shown in the Definitions or Problems tab for the incorrect dialog.

      Here is the useful warning message in the logs on DXCORE

      2023-06-23 11:38:09,763 WARN  a.config.resolver.AnnotationProcessingTypeResolver: Encountered the '$type' property but failed to resolved the type from its value: [textArea]. Available types: [jcrMultiField,radioButtonGroupField,pageLinkField,staticField,textField,comboBoxField,twinColSelectField,checkBoxField,multiField,switchableField,checkBoxGroupField,jcrMultiLinkField,passwordField,compositeField,listSelectField,richTextField,codeField,resourceLinkField,tokenField,linkField,dateField,uploadField,sliderField,jcrMultiValueField,damLinkField,hiddenField] 


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