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Continuously getting error in log when creating new content item with tag


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      Steps to reproduce

      1.  Configure content tagging for a new workspace follow our documentation in How to enable content tags for a content app
      2.  Register it as taggable workspace
      3. Create a new item and save it.
      4. Check the log to find the error javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException: /untitled/mgnl:tags and also WARN org.apache.jackrabbit.core.SessionImpl : Unclosed session detected...

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      Expected results

      • Do not process the case of newly created node so that the error and warning should not happen.

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      Actual results

      • Logs may flood the console and producing high load to server logging system.


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      Development notes

      • Please note that not always a newly created node named "untitled", sometimes it is "untitled0|1|2".
      • Error definitely happen at info.magnolia.contenttags.TagsModule.lambda$null$1(TagsModule.java:139) within the observation.
      • Would be better if we can re-architect the mechanism to get rid of such observation on creating node, but after saving node when we have the content node created successfully already.
      • Reference to attached error log for an example. Also usecase verified from related ticket.

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