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Recurring Problem With Node Locking After Publishing is Causing Closed Sessions


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. No steps to reproduce - happens randomly on certain environments.

      Expected results

      1. Content is published and unlocked on public instance.

      Actual results

      1. Content publication fails and node remains locked on public instance.


      1. Log in to public instance(s) and remove affected node(s) and republish content.
      2. Use publishing tools to clean mgnlSystem on public instance(s)
      3. Restart affected public instances

      Development notes

      Investigation ticket, also see tickets linked to PUBLISHING-86.
      Timeboxed to 5sp for investigation

      There is a recurring issue with having nodes locked after publishing. There is something happening where locked nodes are being broken and as a result are closing sessions. 

      Here is an example of what the error is like : 

      2020-08-18 16:50:44,524 WARN  org.apache.jackrabbit.core.lock.LockManagerImpl   : Unable to remove session-scoped lock on node ‘2aaf8f48-bff6-4cb7-a468-f8a95be0c68f-5’: This session has been closed. See the chained exception for a trace of where the session was closed

      Despite attempts at using solutions for regular locked nodes issues, this still persists in some environments. 

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