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Field value is lost from state when using and switching tabs in dialog


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    • 1.1.8
    • 1.1.7
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a dialog within 2 tabs, tab 2 having at least one javascript field (this one for instance https://git.magnolia-cms.com/users/bstaryga/repos/ui-framework-javascript-examples/browse/webresources/colorField.html)
      2. Run magnolia and open the dialog.
      3. Switch to tab 2 and change the value
      4. Switch to tab 1 and switch back to tab 2, the value is back to the default one

      .. Logs, screenshots, gifs...

      Expected results

      We shall still see the value we set when switching back to tab 2

      Actual results

      The value is reset


      No workaround found

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