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      Let's say I have a site with 5 languages (single-tree-multilanguage). I want to make a live copy of each of those languages, so 5 slaves of the master which has five languages. In each slave I only want to serve and edit a single language.

      English occupies the default position and I'm editing one of the slave sites. Since I made a live copy the english defaults will show in my slave sites for properties which don't have a translation. This makes for a confusing editing experience. If I am editing one of the slave (single language) sites I don't want any fallback to another language.

      The problem comes in because my translations are all on properties which have a two letter lang code. If any values are found on properties without a lang code (the default) then they will be shown in the dialogs of all the slaves.

      I attempted to workaround this problem. I tried exporting the site to excel using content translation app. I rearranged the columns to change the defaults and reimported. This creates an issue for Live Copy because the master has english as default.

      The title of this ticket "Default language with two letter indicator" hints towards a proposed solution. We have fallbackLocale configuration option but this isn't doing anything for editing. It's the fallback for when someone requests the site for a language without a translation. I need some setting for default which will prevent the dialogs from falling back.


      • Create a live copy of the travel site
      • Create a site def for the live copy.
        • Duplicate travel
        • Map the live copy site
      • Make the fallbackLocale german for the live copy site def
      • Open /travel/about
      • Use the language selector on the dialog


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