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Multiselect variation of other dialogs then "info.magnolia.cms.gui.dialog.DialogMultiSelect"



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      There is a feature in Liferay that I miss in Magnolia. Liferay gives the developers power to have a dialog or a combination of dialogs marked as multiple.

      Let's try a scenario we have where I work. We have a very specific article component which contains the following dialogs:
      1. image1
      2. text1
      3. image2
      4. text2
      5. image3
      6. text3

      The freemarker file looks like this:

      ${image1} - ${text1}<br />
      ${image2} - ${text2}<br />
      ${image3} - ${text3}<br />

      There are two big downsides with this approach that I can see straight ahead. The first one is that we need to do a "release" if we want to increase the number of Image-Text combinations. The second one is that editor interface becomes very bloated (especially if they only want to use one combination (Image1 and Text1) and not the other fields).

      What I would like to have is the possibility to tell magnolia that I want the "Image" and "Text" dialog combination to be "multiple", i.e. you can add a dynamic amount of rows on the fly. Of course it would be nice for it to work in Blossom since we use that for many of our paragraphs.

      If this type of feature is implemented, then the dialog configuration might look like this instead:
      1. imageText (multiple = true)
      1.1 image
      1.2 text

      The freemarker file looks like this:

      <#list content.imageText?children as imgtxt>
         ${imgtxt.image} - ${imgtxt.text}<br />

      I've already made my own bastardized version of the DialogMultiSelect class (and it's only tested using Blossom as of yet) but I don't really know much about Magnolia yet so the result is pretty much a hack. Also - since it's a variation of the original DialogMultiSelect class it doesn't work with the FckEditor because it is very javascript dependent.

      I might be able to include my version so that you can look at it (But I have to remove some domain specific information from the source code before I can include it)




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