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Date Control: timeFormat and jsTimeFormat not working


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    • 4.4.11, 4.5.9
    • 4.4.6
    • gui
    • Magnolia EE 4.4.8

      Since upgrading to Magnolia 4.4.6 we are experiencing the following problem:

      We have a customer requirement that dates in certain dialogs must be input with times, but without seconds.
      We set the timeFormat and jsTimeFormat to "HH:mm" and "%k:%M" respectively.
      When the dialog opens, times are displayed in the correct format (no seconds).

      The problems is when saving the dialog:
      If the seconds are not present in the input, saving the values fails with an exception, and the error is not reported back to the user.
      The dialog is just closed, without the values for the dates being saved, even though other fields in the dialog are saved.

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