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CLONE - Items with .cache. in their url should have far future Cache headers set, but do not.


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      Files such as css and js should be far future cached, there should be a header like: Cache-Control="max-age:525600". As originally implemented in http://jira.magnolia-cms.com/browse/MAGNOLIA-3297

      But the files with .cache. in the url do not have any Cache-Control header set. For example look at this file on demopublic:

      Debugging on my local instance it looks like the executor which gets run for this file is Bypass. Bypass contains two executors.
      #1. setExpirationHeader - which looks like it is working great - adding a really long Cache-Control max-age.
      #2. executor.Bypass - which just continues down the filter chain.

      Could it be that the executor.Bypass somehow nullifies the effect of the setExpirationHeader?

      Im not an expert on the Cache module - perhaps there are timing concerns or something else. But it appears to be a problem.

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