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N2B doesn't support multi-value properties


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      I've attempted to develop a custom trait which is basically an enum. For example:


      { fred, wilma, barney, betty, pebbles, bambam }

      For the field definition I'm using the OptionGroupFieldDefinition . This definition is pretty basic and configured as followed:

      • trait.rule: multiselect = true
      • trait.value: multiselect = false

      The next step is to create a page variant and choose an audience. Selecting the custom trait flintstonemember now allows me to select multiple values (as multiselect = true).
      Doing so causes a failure within the Node2Bean component which leads to the attached stacktrace.

      The bottom line is that the translation of Node2Bean cannot deal with multiple values (I already talked to Ondrej about it).

      Even though I know how to get around this I consider this an error due to the fact that I don't do anything weird here.

      Please confirm this issue or explain why I'm wrong in such a basic scenario.

      Best regards

      Daniel Kasmeroglu

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