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Inheritance of registry definitions from YAML


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      Introduce "inherits" for inheriting a definition from a registry.

      • Ability to override values by supplying them under the !inherits statement. (As proposed in the light-yaml forge module with the "extends-def" keyword.)
      • Supports override keyword to stop the extending.
      • Do not allow inheriting from a sub definition. (ie don't support the ":/form" at the end of !inherits:dialogs:mtk:components/image:/form)
      • Referencing syntax starts with the type name. In the referencing syntax, types do have an s at the end - ie "dialogs".
      • Implement for YAML - (it will also be implemented for JCR and code (think blossom) in other tickets
      • Log error message in case someone puts the typename after the module-name or makes some other anticipated mistake.

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