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Do not log INFO messages about modified directories which are supposed to be excluded


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    • 5.4.6
    • resource-loader
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      To reproduce in a plain Magnolia bundle

      • set magnolia.develop=true in magnolia.properties
      • go to Contacts App
      • open a contact detail (a temporary image should be created at magnolia.upload.tmpdir=${magnolia.home}/tmp )
        This message will be shown in logs
        INFO  info.magnolia.dirwatch.DirectoryWatcher           : Directory modified at [/Users/fgrilli/devel/workspace/magnolia/CE/magnolia-5.4.x/ce-bundle/magnolia-community-webapp/src/main/webapp/tmp]

      No file in the tmp directory is actually added to the observed resources however this might be confusing for some users as one expects that tmp dir (among others) is not observed for changes.

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