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Meta data conversion modifies node status


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      The conversion of the old node meta data structure to the new mixin format *in a migration context * causes the state of nodes to be modified. This prevents having the same activation states as on the initial systems.

      The flow during migration is as follows:

      • Tasks: ConvertMetaDataUpdateTask.doExcute()
      • MetaDataAsMixinConversionHelper.convertNodeAndChildren() to process node and it’s children.

      —> MgnlPropertySettingContentDecorator.ChangeLastUpdateDateOp.doExec() to add nodes to dirtyOps

      • MetaDataAsMixinConversionHelper will call the saving session for every 20 nodes:

      if (periodicSaves && nodesProcessed % PERIODIC_SAVE_FREQUENCY == 0)

      { node.getSession().save(); }

      —> MgnlPropertySettingContentDecorator. MgnlPropertySettingSessionWrapper.save()
      —> MgnlPropertySettingContentDecorator. MgnlPropertySettingSessionWrapper. applyPendingChanges()
      **The LastModified will be updated in this method by:

      if (session.nodeExists(dirty.getPath())) {
      log.debug("Updating {} with {}", dirty.getPath(), dirty.getUpdateDate());
      LastModified.update(session.getNode(dirty.getPath()), dirty.getUserName(), dirty.getUpdateDate());
      } else {
      // can happen when deleting something that was modified or moved within same session
      if (log.isDebugEnabled()) {
      log.warn("wanted to update {}:{} modified by:{} at {} but it's gone now.", session.getWorkspace().getName(), dirty.getPath(), dirty.getUserName(), dirty.getUpdateDate());

      Regarding to Jan H. the node must be unwrapped before further processing to prevent the unwanted modifications.

      See the attached patch file about how to unwrap the node.

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