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Enable farFutureCaching also for processed resources.


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    • 5.4.7
    • resource-loader

      The processed resources implemented prior Magnolia 5.4.x implemented and provided first the functionality of the 'farFutureCaching'.

      Since the new resource loading of magnolia 5.4.x, this functionality was removed/not re-implmeneted for the processed resources.

      This functionality is missed by some clients and also means a removal of existing functionality since Magnolia 4.4.

      I tried to create a quick patch/workaround, but I failed:
      Line 116 in info.magnolia.module.resources.ResourceLinker.linkTo(String, boolean) delegates to 'origins' (ResourceOrigin) which prevents me hooking something quickly in.
      Maybe the info.magnolia.resourceloader.jcr.JcrResourceOrigin can be adapted to also handle the processes resources in JCR, I haven't found a quick workaround.

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