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Improve legibility of installation screens by switching regular text from DIN font to Verdana



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      The new visual appearance of the installation screens are implemented and look already great. We're now going to tweak a couple of things in their visual appearance to increase the overall look and feel, usability and legibility.

      For starters, we're fixing font usage. In Magnolia's UX, we use the DIN font only for titles; all regular text is styled using Verdana. DIN is a very popular font, but is not king when it comes to legibility of bigger text blocks (special font variants exist for that, but we don't use these).

      Please thus change the following texts.

      • List of modules to install (see attachment 1):
        • Module name: Verdana bold 12px
        • Module version and new/update status: Verdana regular 12px
        • Module descriptions: Verdana regular 12px
        • Tasks and conditions, including their description: Verdana regular 12px
        • "Show/Hide all details" action in the upper right corner: Verdana regular 12px
      • Messages during installation (see attachment 2)
        • Execution summary: Verdana regular 12px
        • Message title: Verdana bold 12px
        • Message module version number: Verdana regular 12px
        • Message text: Verdana regular 12p
        • "Refresh status" link button: Verdana regular 12px
      • License screen (see attachment 3)
        • Description texts under point 1 + 2: Verdana regular 12px
        • Form labels: Verdana regular 12px
        • Form input values: Verdana regular 12px (text input field and text area)
      • Welcome screen (see attachment 4)
        • all messages and links, except for titles and head line: Verdana regular 12px


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