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Definitions in registry that is using nameAsId are not unregistered when definition name changes


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      When the "defaultGroup" is configured on the app launcher (as documented https://documentation.magnolia-cms.com/display/DOCS57/App+launcher+layout), then CT generated apps are displayed twice in the app launcher.

      Furthermore, after opening one of the tiles and closing the app again, the tile remains hilighted.

      I am not sure if this only happens with CT generated apps - or with any kind of app.

      The app shows up twice in the Definitions app, but if you click on the first one, the second one is selected. 

      This can happen very easily because when you first create the app file, even with no contents in the file - the first app is created, as a name for the app, the filename of the app yaml file is used. When you then enter a different name property, you already have two apps.

      To reproduce:

      • Create a CT and an app.
      • See the app in the app launcher.
      • Change the "name" property" in the app.
        • (If the app had no name property - and then you add a name propertly that is different then the filename - this also causes the problem.)
      • Logout and in again.
      • Note that the app shows up TWICE in the app launcher.
      • Only a restart appears to solve the problem.



      All registries that are using nameAsId strategy are affected by this issue.

      When definition name changes, old defition is not removed from the registry. Leaked definitions stay in the registry until restart.

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