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DOC: Environment variable for profile-based configuration


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      There is a new environment variable (MAGNOLIA_PROFILE) that enables a profile-based configuration style when set (MAGNOLIA-7781). This has been extended so that the configuration profile could be specified as a system property (MAGNOLIA-7809). See DefaultMagnoliaPropertiesResolver for more details.

      There is also the new EnvironmentPropertySource, which exposes environment variables such as SystemPropertySource. To simplify test setups, both EnvironmentPropertySource and SystemPropertySource have been made injectable (MAGNOLIA-7804). If a non-existing configuration profile is specified, Magnolia will fail to start up and will log an error message (MAGNOLIA-7810).

      The previous configuration style, which was based on server name and app name, is now deprecated. It will be removed at some point in the future, and the profile-based configuration will be made the default style (MAGNOLIA-7811).

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