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Rename yaml content app files causes "Can't register [app] definition"


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      Steps to reproduce

      1.  Rename a yaml content app file
      2.  The console log shows Can't register [app] definition...
      2021-03-10 12:32:03,696 ERROR info.magnolia.config.registry.RegistryMap         : Can't register [app] definition [books-app222] with reference id: [books-app222] from module [bookcase] at [books-app] since a definition with the same id books-app222 is already registered as [app] definition [books-app222] with reference id: [books-app222] from module [bookcase] at [book-app].

      Expected results

      The app is re-registered successfully.

      Actual results

      The console shows a log similar above text and the app is unregistered.


      Make some changes on the file or rename the file again.

      Development notes

      The file watcher service sends a MODIFIED/CREATED event first then sends a REMOVED event when renaming a file. The app registry tries to register the app but the app is existed with the old path, then the app registry gets REMOVED event so it unregisters the app.

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