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Link to deleted Page leads to Template-Exception


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    • 6.3.0, 6.2.35
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Site-App
        1. select "travel"-Node
        2. click "Duplicate Item"
        3. update "/travel0/mappings/website@handlePrefix" to "/travel/about"
      2. Pages-App
        1. select "/travel/about/careers"
          1. click "Add page"
          2. Pagename "test1", Template "Basic Template"
        2. select "/travel/about/careers"
          1. click "Add page"
          2. Pagename "test2", Template "Basic Template"
        3. Edit Page "/travel/about/careers/test1"
          1. Add Component "Text and Image" in Main
          2. Edit the created Component
          3. Insert in the RichTextField the Text Link
          4. Click on Button "Link to Magnolia Page"
          5. Select "/travel/about/careers/test2"
          6. Close the page
        4. select "/travel/about/careers/test2"
        5. click "Delete Page" => "Publish Deletion"
      3. Task-App
        1. Assign Task
        2. Accept an publish Deletion
      4. reopen Pages-App
        1. check if test2 is deleted
        2. reopen check1
        3. change language to "German"
        4. => EXCEPTION

      Expected results

      Tho the page doesn't exist, no error is thrown or, at least, the message "The referenced content does not exist" is displayed.

      Actual results

      Exception is thrown



      Development notes

      Similar behavior for Link component. When you create a link component to a page and then, delete the page, the message "The referenced content does not exist" is shown for English but if you switch to German, the exception is thrown. It is weird that if at this point, you switch back to English, the Framework exception is thrown also for English. Probably, because the referenced page is still within the Link field:

      If you move to German language, Magnolia copies the dead reference to the German field:

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