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JCR import command fails when replacing existing nodes


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    • 6.3.0, 6.2.39
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    • Nucleus 42, Nucleus 43
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      Steps to reproduce

      In demo author:

      1. Export an asset from dam app
      2. Open importer subapp of Jcr-Tools app
      3. Select dam repository, root path and behaviour: replace existing nodes with the same ID
      4. Press execute

      Expected results

      Node is imported correctly and replaced

      Actual results

      There is an error message: 

      javax.jcr.query.InvalidQueryException: Query:
      SELECT * FROM [nt:resource] WHERE(*); expected: NOT, (

      Development notes

      The query is not correctly generated in method info.magnolia.importexport.command.JcrImportCommand.validate(Node, Context, NodeIterator). The value of statement is: 

      SELECT * FROM [nt:resource] WHERE 

      It's assumed that there's always a where clause while there are some cases in which it's not the case. Adding an empty string check in line 118 will fix this issue.

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