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      When opening a content that has an asset, a temporary file with extension .tmp is generated. The number of files generated is equal to the number of assets inside the content. After this, when the content is edited and saved, a new temporary file is generated and this is added to the previous one, increasing the temporary file folder in an uncontrolled way.

      Some of our PaaS customers complain that the temporary files directory fills up quickly because of this.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Open a content app like "tours" and edit a content.
      2. Add a new asset (img, pdf, ...)
      3. Check the tmp folder to see the "tempFileName*.tmp" file
      4. Close the content, and check that a new tmp file has been added
      5. Open and close the same content again to see new tmp files added.

      Expected results

      In the assets content app, when an item is opened, a temporary file is generated and deleted when the asset is closed. 

      The goal would be that the temporary files generated when editing or viewing content are deleted when the content is closed. 

      Actual results

      Temporary files fill the /tmp volume if it fills up before 24h which is when the cleanTempFiles job is run.


      At the moment we have PaaS customers using the cleanTempFiles job every 5 minutes.

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