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Replace our asset chooser with the standard chooser UI


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      I suggest to replace the existing asset chooser dialog for Magnolia 5.0 with the standard chooser UI offered by content app.

      The current chooser has a number of issues we'd have to fix:

      • it has no search
      • it has no other view than the thumbnail view, which is especially bad if we have two assets with the same preview
      • the hierarchy chooser is a new element, which we would have to properly style.

      What we would loose:

      • navigating the hierarchy in the thumbnail view

      What we would gain:

      • proper search
      • a list and tree view
      • we can focus on finalizing the list and tree views and the corresponding chooser UI

      I do have mockups for introducing hierarchy browsing in both list and thumbnails view. I'd like to implement this feature properly in a later release.

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