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Remove magnolia-module-javascript-models from travel demo and bundle webapps


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      when running the magnolia community with a travel demo bundle, we found that the travel demo requires magnolia-module-javascript-models
      That is the bundle we use for training and all our minimal demos.
      The problem is that most people who attend our training or install minimal demos when they install Java install the newest ones - front end people just follow the java website.
      the new Java does not have nashorn aka bundle does not work found that the reason why it's there is a `Math.random()` file in some place.
      Could we revisit if we need this math a random bit? remove it completely or replace it with freemarker alternative? So we could get rid of javascript-models  dependency and make it easier and more clear for pd developer experience?

      Slack thread about it: https://magnolia-cms.slack.com/archives/C02RDS0KBHQ/p1670848992634349


      Does the magnolia-test-webapp even start without JS models? There might be a dependency.

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