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Implements tests for refined tasks & notifications UI


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      Implement scenarios defined in

      • it.info.magnolia.functionaltests.NotificationsAppFunctionalTests
      • it.info.magnolia.functionaltests.TasksAppFunctionalTests

      Delete old UI/INT tests of the same topic:

      • it.info.magnolia.integrationtests.uitest.NotificationAppUITest


      Developer note:

      The scenarios as defined in this ticket are meant to test the apps for notifications and tasks - which have been ported some time ago.
      It is not about testing the publication workflow (which indeed does create tasks). We already have PublicationWorkflowFunctionalTests - which tests the publication workflow.

      If you need content to tests (tasks, notifications) - do not create this content (by publishing or by using messages app) as part of the test. Instead bootstrap appropriate content. 
      In case  you need tips for bootstrapping, see "docu" Bootstrapping for int. tests - Rules, recommendations, tips, insights

      ContentApp filter-API has been improved with MGNLTEST-219 and now can handle all the use cases required for the scenarios of this ticket.  

      See it.info.magnolia.test.selenium.pageobjects.ContentAppFilterTest

      • #notificationAppFilterOnCombobox
      • #tasksAppFilterOnCombobox

      to get an idea of what to do.


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