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Long running searches cause performance issues in Admin Central


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      Running searches against a very big workspace using info.magnolia.periscope.search.jcr.JcrSearchResultSupplier might take a considerable amount of time. Especially during the initial search after logging in to Admin Central. E.g. as soon as you log in, a search is run against the website workspace without a query term.

      As long as the search is running Vaadin UIDL requests are constantly sent to Magnolia.
      Depending on network latency, these requests may take some time to complete. E.g. 100 - 200 ms.
      This may results in Admin Central UI becoming very sluggish and sometimes impossible to navigate as long as the search is running.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create a very big workspace (e.g. website) with ~ 50,000 nodes. (Alternatively prevent the completion of the search by setting a breakpoint in your IDE)
        • To quickly create that many nodes, you can use the attached script - execute it in Groovy module in Magnolia
      • Use a low latency network. (Alternatively throttle network speed in your browser).
      • Try to do your usual tasks in Admin Central. E.g. open several apps, create a page, etc.

      A combination of the fixes provided in this ticket, alongside MGNLUI-6443 and MGNLUI-6398 should handle the performance issue.

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