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Develop trait to target a specific type of visitor



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      This mockup describes a UI for a trait to specify a specific type of visitor. It allows to differentiate between new, recurring, registered and logged in visitors.

      The mockup actually goes further than our initial implementation probably must go. The essence is to be able to distinguished between new and recurring visitors, and for the latter to determine if he or she is logged in or not. There's no need to also be able to specify the username (or group or role) of a logged-in user - in fact, it's unclear if what the mockup offers here is actually what would be required.

      The UI of a trait is largely depending on the trait itself, but it also has some aspects it shares with other traits. The UI described here - as the visit date trait, btw - also acts as an example for a trait that uses an embedded dialog, similar in appearance to the embedded dialogs used in small apps, to collect more complex data. While such a dialog is preferable, the alternative would be to open a light dialog, preferably attached to the input field, as is shown by the last of the attached mockups and the attached visual design.


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