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Get (stateless) personalized content from the Delivery endpoint


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      User story:

      As a SPA developer, I want to get personalized content from the website workspace statelessly, so I can deliver personalized experiences in my SPA.


      Personalization is one of the enterprise features that pure headless CMS do not have, now that we know many customers want to use the pages editor and personalization to populate headless frontends we should provide this.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • The REST call specifys which traits or segments should be used in the resolution (rather then using the info in the user session) - at least by querystring as well as possibly other approaches.
        • This gives more flexibility. Gives better caching possibilities. 
        • Important for middleware / SSR / SSG
      • By default,  a delivery endpoint delivers the same non-personalized format that it delivers now, including all of the variants. (This can still be useful if a developer wants to implement personalization in the frontend itself.)
      • This is only expected to work on any workspaces that are saved to by a "pages app", but there should be no limitations as other app types may eventually also support variant nodes.

        Acceptance criteria

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