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Synchronisation may output error message during ordering nodes if content has been renamed on author and is not present on public


      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a node under the root called “node1”.
      2. Create a node under “/node1" called “node2” (path to the node is: /node1/node2).
      3. Publish each nodes couple of times, so that they have a version history.
      4. Go to public instance and remove /node1/node2
      5. Rename “node2" to “node3” and start synchronization of “node3" (do not publish “node3”, let it stay in modified state)  

      Expected results

      No error in logs, node order is preserved.

      • Don't stop sync. Continue to sync for normal nodes. After finishing sync, log warning will show all the list of moved nodes that can't sync.
      • Exception notification will send the list of move nodes only 1 time instead of multiple times according to number of moved node as before

      Actual results

      Errors in logs, node order may be broken.


      Publish content before synchronizing.

      Development notes

      Transferred node name in the xml used to describe the content is not correct because it's taken from actual node, and not the versioned one.
      Packager#addResources that is responsible for building the xml should take versioned node name into account, not the actual node name.
      Also it would be worth checking if it’s possible to get the original path of the versioned node and set that one as well (in case it’s a renamed moved node)
      Finally, consider emphasising in docu that synchronization != publication so that users don’t expect yellow nodes / red nodes to be synced to public in the exact same state as they are on author

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