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Form#setTextField does not reliably clear existing text


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      Repeat the test mentioned above specifically and try to figure out what's wrong in the context of the test. Form#setTextField is stable nowadays. If not reproducible, close the ticket.

      Form#setTextField sometimes fails to clear the existing text in the text field, which results in the new text being appended to the existing one.

      Observed behaviour

      Calling Form#setTextField("bynder230.png") on the Asset name text field sets the text to bynder.pngbynder230.png.

      Expected behaviour

      The text should be set to bynder230.png

      Steps to reproduce

      Run DamBynderUITest#uploadDownloadEditDeleteBynderAsset multiple times until this happens. Doesn't always reproduce.

      Initial analysis

      The problem seems to be specific to the asset upload dialogue for Bynder assets: it automatically sets an asset name upon upload whereas uploading Magnolia assets leaves the asset name field blank.

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