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Show "empty tab bar" at the top, if an app only has the main tab



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      We want to have an "empty tab bar" to ensure that the close icon and other (future) icons next to it look better aligned.

      Please do the following:

      • add a empty tab bar using slightly darker gray background.
        • Do not use lines to border it or to separate it from the where the main tab would be.
        • If the result looks to strong, try to use a gradient from the gray of the app panel to the gray of the empty tab bar, which starts and ends in the first third of the empty tab bar.
        • The resulting bar shouldn't be as dark as the tab bar is when there actually is a tab to not eat into the overall, generous appearance. It should just be discernible from the background
      • you might also want to try with a slightly lighter gray instead and check back with me. I doubt it will work, but we should have a look at it.
      • as a last option, we can show a thin gray or white line extending from where the main tab will end to the right edge of the panel. I want to avoid this, however, since our design does not use lines instead for grouping purposes.

      Our new color scheme gives us slightly more options when choosing grays: http://wiki.magnolia-cms.com/display/UX/Style+guides+for+visual+design#Styleguidesforvisualdesign-ColorschemeforMagnolia


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