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UI shouldn't enable actions for which the user has no permissions


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    • 5.2.3
    • 5.2
    • page editor, pages app
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      This ticket originally helped us uncover security issues in core (see issue links, first comments), but the UI should also adjust itself correctly to denote correct user permissions, by disabling unauthorized actions, and maintaining proper state according to such permissions.

      For 5.2.x, AvailabilityDefinition should gain a #writePermissionRequired flag.
      For 5.3+, we will have multiple/configurable AvailabilityRules (will be captured by another issue).
      More details in linked concept page 'Permissions for UI availability'.


      I changed the permission of the editors in a subtree to read only.
      The following issues occurred if I'm logged in as a editor:

      • Sometimes it renders a page without the components (fine) but I still can edit the page properties
      • I can exclude channels (page title I can't change)
      • I can add a page (just not selecting a template)
      • Some pages do not render (stay grey)

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