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Support of ESC and ENTER in dialogs, detail editors, alerts and notifications


      We're supporting ESC to close some dialogs and RETURN to trigger the default action in some cases already, but we've not implemented such support across all dialogs.

      We should ensure that:

      1. Alerts, light dialogs and notifications can be closed by pressing ESC.
      2. Regular dialogs and embedded forms show an alert box when the user presses ESC, asking her to confirm that changes will be lost if she continues. If feasible, only show such a dialog if the content in the form has actually been changed. If this is too much of a hassle to implement now, please do not support ESC for closing regular dialogs and embedded forms.
      3. Pressing Enter key should submit a form, the same as pushing the Save or Confirm button. But this shortcut key should not trigger the action if the focus is currently in a textarea or richtextfield, because a user may simply want to add an enter.

      The goal is to avoid that users loose work in such dialogs, which - in particular with the introduction of light dialogs - are now mainly used for editing items and content.

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