The status bar, shown at the bottom of all lists, trees and other items views, has been around for some time, but is visually broken: it hosts elements, but doesn't give them a proper frame, which makes them "hang around loosely" without a clean way for alignment.

      With additional requirements asking for indicators to show up in the status bar to e.g. indicate the publication state of a page and the number of concurrent editors, this had to be fixed.

      We've designed a new status bar to fix this and the goal of this issue is to implement it. The new status bar:

      • is a visible, gray element
      • offers separators for indicators
      • is partially transparent
      • does still honor the original "extending page" idea (see below)
      • shows the total number of items in the list as well as the number of currently selected items in the bottom right corner.

      The "extending page" idea has never been realized so far: an item view that shows all it element is showing a light gray border (underneath the status bar); an item view that doesn't shows scrollbar and extends to the very bottom of the browser window. The new status bar honors this by being slightly transparent and by quickly sliding down when scroll starts and quickly sliding up again when scrolling stop, after a delay.


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