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Allow configuration of defaultOrder in grids: descending or ascending


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      At the moment, we can define a default order for the subapps. Unfortunately, we can only specify the property name and not if the column should be ordered descending, which comes helpful e.g. for an app maintaining latest news.

      Customers can define sortable properties in the JcrDatasource with `sortByProperties`. Just not which direction.


      Maybe add a sortOrder configuration to BaseDatasourceDefinition which allows for ASC/DESC values.


      We would replace sortByProperties list with a map like

      firstProperty : asc;
      secondProperty : desc;

      We'll still support the list for compatibility as deprecated.

      The below was split into MGNLUI-6537

      We currently cannot sort by more than one property in UI by clicking columns. The sorting of the previous one is ignored when a second one is clicked. Something to consider (ticket?)
      Also resetting to the state that is configured in the app would only be available only by reloading page (have a different way to reset this?)

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