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      While testing ARTEDIT-17, I realized that the lightbox / magnifying glass button offers a poor UX. This has nothing to do with the Article Editor, as it behaves the same in Assets.

      Problems encountered:

      • No max sizes. If an image is big, the lightbox will display it 100%, regardless of the fact that the user's display might only see the top 20%. (see big.png, thumbnail.jpeg for the full picture)
      • Slow reaction. It takes ~0.1 second to open the lightbox, vs. ~0.2 seconds to close it. This is regardless of image size.
      • Poor UX. If an image is small enough that a grey background is shown around it, you'd expect that by clicking on the gray background, the lightbox would close itself. It doesn't, you have to click on the image itself.
      • Animation glitch. If you close an image small enough to show a grey background around it, the grey background will disappear quicker than the image. (see before.png, during,png, after.png)


        1. after.png
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          Maxime Michel
        2. before.png
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        3. big.png
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        4. during.png
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        5. thumbnail.jpeg
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