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Autosuggest when linking to external content


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      User Story

      As a content author, I want an autosuggest feature, so that I can find the external content item I am looking for.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • A search interface in a chooser dialog will provide an autosuggest when the user types in the search field.
      • Maybe a user does not even have to open a chooser dialog but can get autosuggest directly in the link field.
      • A select field can also be configured to provide an autosuggest when the user types in the field.
      • Works with light development.

      External content systems (like PIM and DAM) can hold 1000's of content items, it can be impossible for an author to find or discover a content item. A search feature is necessary to enable this.

      Note: Probably a findbar search results supplier could be leveraged to implement this.

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