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Migrate app launcher layout config into a non-deprecated module


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    • 6.2.8
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    • UI Framework 7, UI FW 25
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      Currently the apps, old and new have to add app launcher registration bootstrap files that point to the now deprecated ui-admincentral module. We need to let at least the updated apps to avoid doing that and register themselves through updated admincentral (preferrably via YAML).


      • investigate and try to find a best approach (can we leave the app-registration where they are and only use the updated app launcher config location for the updated apps?)
      • discuss the idea with the team

      An attempt at merging old and new app launcher configs wasn't found fully convincing https://git.magnolia-cms.com/projects/PLATFORM/repos/ui/pull-requests/1171/overview

      Let's keep everything as is for 6.2. This will give us have time to decide if we’ll go with JCR or YAML for applauncher ordering support

      • we keep everything together and order is predictable (no logic when the new apps unconditionally precede the old ones)
      •  after 6.2 a migration task will take care of the migration to the new app launcher layout: when we’re ready, we roll it out and on installation, after all the bootstraps are applied, we will just take the whole layout config and port it to the new location. The layout manager will also be adjusted to look there. No effort from third party app developers will be needed.
      • no additional logic is required
      • we bootstrap the app registrations in a deprecated location. We use yaml but no decoration mechanism, as it can't provide order of apps and groups
      • the migration task needs to be run by the last module installing or updating. We currently don't have such a mechanism, we will need to come up with something.

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