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Harmonize light and strong dialogs


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      Problem with current dialogs:

      • light dialogs are often too small > little window with lots of fields to be scrolled
      • strong dialogs are often too big > huge window with one field and amply white space
      • various glitches on both dialog types (browser resizing, responsiveness, button sizes)
      • bad usability
      • 2 (fixed) sizes is a concept from M5 which comes from a time where responsiveness hadn't established yet



      "One responsive dialog size with option light or strong"

      1. harmonize size for both light and strong dialogs
        • fixed width: 740px (intermediate size btw current light and strong)
        • min height: 312px
        • flexible height according to the content, max height can span from browser top to bottom (top/bottom spacing 30px)
        • scroll bar only if more content than max height
      2. add responsive behavior
        • 2 breakpoints, 3 sizes
      3.  light, strong and tabs are configurable options
        • background: light or strong (both block interaction with the part of the interface it covers, note that in the current implementation in M6 only the strong dialogs block the interaction)
        • tab sheet: yes or no (aka complex dialog)


      Detailed specs



      Note for documentation:


      When to use light or strong dialogs

      • strong dialogs ask for data collection
      • light dialogs ask for quick input but do not severely interrupt the user

      When to use simple or complex dialogs (with or without tabs)

      • simple: whenever only few data points need to be collected
      • complex: allows to collect larger amounts of data than its simple counterpart




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