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Column Filter: Improve the JCR data providers to be able to work with Nodes as filter


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      Column Filters: ComboBox Field and list Select Field are not returning results when datasource is pointing to a workspace . Basically, combobox holds whole JCR nodes, filtering tries to search Node.toString()…which is not what we expect in this case (we expect something like Node#getProperty(“title”)).

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Include the attached light-module in your instance.
      • Open any of the apps
      • Include content
      • Try to filter via combobox or listSelectField

      Expected result

      • You get the correct results

      Current Result:

      • Empty results

      Workaround: use textField instead

      The example is just a basic example to reproduce the issue, not a real one. However if, for example you reference to another workspace, such us Categories, or Segments, this behaviour would be helpfull for editors.

      Dev notes: As a comment, I think that maybe this could lead to performance issues if the filtered workspace is to big.

      Comment from Roman: we could improve the JCR data providers so in case a Node is used as filter, its UUID is used to match the property
      Example of possible use-case: In Tours app, we want to add destination column with filter pointing to a category workspace.

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