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Full-text search M6 choosers


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    • 6.2.6
    • 6.2.1
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    • CM & OC 16, CM & OC 17
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      • link fields to content apps (e.g. categories, but also every custom content app) do not have search fields
      • we have apps which has thousands of entries and without search functionality its almost impossible for editors to select items.


      UX proposal

      Full text search in choosers do not conflict with FindBar as the background is greyed out and blocked.

      1) Add Search icon to the extensionView panel / next to the view option icons. 

      2) Upon click on the search icon

      • expand search input field to the left
      • icon is active (grey background)
      • activate cursor in the input field to start typing 
      • (make sure spacings btw separator line / icon / input text are nice, around 5-8px spacing)

      3) If there is a search term, show delete 'x' icon to delete the term easily

       4) To collapse search, click on icon


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