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Rich text field - images from DAM


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      Rich text doesn't show the button to select an image from the server 

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to Web resources app and edit the Text and Image component dialog (/mtk/dialogs/components/textImage.yaml). Add to the RichText field the snippet
        configJsFile: /.resources/ckeditor/config-magnolia.js
      1. Still in Resources app, open for editing the file /ckeditor/config-magnolia.js
        definition = {
          alignment: false,
          images: true,
          lists: true,
          source: false,
          tables: true,
          colors: null,
          fonts: null,
          fontSizes: null
      1. Move to Pages app, and create a Text and Image component
      2. Clic on the Image icon and check no button for selecting an image is show.

      Expected results
      On the step 4, a button is shown to show the available images on the server

      Actual results
      No button is shown so no image can be selected


      Development notes
      Tho it's possible to show the button overriding the CSS styles, it still doesn't work. Clicking on  it doesn't perform any actions.

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