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DateField handles time zone from user profile incorrectly


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    • 6.2.3
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      New DateField apparently ignores time zone from user profile. In 5.x date field has a placeholder mentioning current time zone:

      This is relevant particularly in publishing workflow. Note that in the tasks (#shell:pulse) there is time in the system time zone shown regardless of user profile settings.

      Reproduction steps:
      1) set time zone in Edit User Profile for different time zone (logout/login)
      2) publish page (in dx-core) and specify time to publish
      3) see publish task scheduled date
      4) set time zone in Edit User Profile back to original zone (logout/login)
      5) see publish task scheduled date

      ad 3) scheduled time should be in system time zone
      ad 5) same as ^

      Actual result:
      ad 3) time is the same as was set while publishing
      ad 5) same as ^

      Acceptance criteria:

      • Publishing workflow should work same as in 5.x, i.e. editor should be able to set publish time within time zone of her own, publisher in tasks app should see time to publish in system time (and also publish action should be performed at that time)
      • DateField should have visible note of currently used timezone

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