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"targetTreeRootPath" Property Is Affecting Pages App Hierarchy When Included On A Magnolia 5UI Dialog Containing A Link Field


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    • 6.2.6
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      If you configure a component o have a link field containing the property : “targetTreeRootPath” and setting it to any parent node in the pages app hierarchy, then the pages that get displayed on the pages app become the child nodes of this root path.

      I have attached the files I was working with. You can use them to test as well.


      • Create a component with a link field that contains the property “targetTreeRootPath” (Or use the component "treeRootPathTest_component")
      • Create a page and add this component to the page.
      • Open the page and open the dialog for the component
      • At this point, no edits have to be made on the dialog, simply opening the dialog is enough
      • Close the dialog.
      • Close the page.
      • Access the pages app again

      Actual Result
      You will see that the pages displayed are now those under the dialog's configured “targetTreeRootPath”

      TargetTreeRootPath should only affect dialog link field choosing windows. It should not affect anything else.

       This is happening with the Magnolia 5 UI Framework within Magnolia 6.2.2

      Also check 6.2.3 to make sure. It's likely the old configuration converted into new framework?

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