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Scroll to selected item does not work after search or deeplink request


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    • 6.2.6
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      If you search for an item on first level in a content app and click on the search result item, the opened content app doesn't scroll to the right position. The content app is still at the top and the user must scroll down.

      You can reproduce this on demoauthor instance by adding many assets in the dam app on top level. If you search for it, the app doesn't scroll to the searched item.

      Steps to reproduce

      • Search for something in the find bar, in the example we searched in demoauthor for "hanoi"
      • Click on the first result which takes you to the Assets app
      • This takes you to the content app where there are many assets already and you cannot see the asset you were looking for unless you scroll down:

        Expected results
        Once you search, you should only get the result you are looking for and should not have to scroll down. In the case of this customer they manage thousands of entries which makes it a big issue for them.
        Actual results
        You need to scroll down until you see what you are looking for

      Works as expected in legacy apps on 6.2.3 (custom java script extending vaadin 7).
      E.g. search for 'dolphins' on our demo, use result from 'Assets' (legacy app)
      Or click this deep link:

      -GridScrollExtension - does not lookup index, only allows scrolling to a point, we don't know what the position is.- This is supported by grid API itself, extension actually only remembers scroll position

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