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Image embedded with RTE in the old pages app "broken" when opening component in new pages app


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      The rich text editor has an option to insert images from the dam.

      When an image is selected and saved in past versions of Magnolia the format would look like this:

      <p>Hello World!</p><p><img alt="" src="${link:{uuid:{795449d2-6c16-402e-9e8a-bbb101fe22bb},repository:{dam},path:{/tours/shark_brian_warrick_0824.JPG},nodeData:{},extension:{2021-01-26-09-01-43.JPG}}}" style="height:866px; width:1197px" /></p>

      Now it's being stored like this:

      <p>Hello World!</p><p><img alt="" src="/dam/jcr:795449d2-6c16-402e-9e8a-bbb101fe22bb/shark_brian_warrick_0824.JPG" style="height:866px; width:1197px" /></p>


      • Edit the dialog of mtk:components/textImage to use images.
      • Using the old pages app, create a textImage component which has an embedded image.
      • Using the new pages app, create a textImage component which has an embedded image.
      • Notice how the embedded image created in the old pages app is "broken" when opening the component in the new page app.
      • Also open the JCR Browser to compare the new format and the old format.

      The format should have stayed the same between the two apps.

      The format has changed which breaks installations coming from older versions of Magnolia. Anyone starting a new project on 6.2 will be embedding the new format.

      Projects using the old format will need to use the old pages when editing components of this type. Otherwise the image is not displayed in the editor. A white box is there representing the space where the image would be.

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