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Improve LinkField with a select menu (as alternative to the chooser dialog)


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    • UI FW 22, UI FW 23
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      With 6.2.3. The linkField has changed to be a combo field instead of simple text field as before.

      The advantage of having a select field is …

      • ability to have different datasources in linkfield out of the box (JCR, JSON or any other custom apps)
        • configurable item captions
        • filtering of items, not able to write a non-existing link/path
        • the field is backed by the same datasource as the chooser (no code duplication)

      However having the select field causes some UX issues

      • If filtering=false, the field is a combo with one empty item. This is confusing for the user. To clear the entry rather add a clear icon in the field (like in the tokenField).
      • -The order of suggestions while typing is not logical. So in a long list it is still difficult to find an item. And there is no other way now.- MGNLUI-6483
      • Setting a path manually is not working (MGNLUI-6483)



        • Add icon to clear entry
        • If showOptions=false do not show any dropdown
        • If showOptions=true make it clear it's a dropdown (arrow)
        • Put auto-suggestions in a logical order  (MGNLUI-6483)
        • Two modes: textInputAllowed true or false 

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