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Runtime error thrown when populating TwinColSelect from JCR config


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    • 6.2.7
    • 6.2.7
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      Steps to reproduce

      1.  on 6.2.7 nightly build, open /travel/contact page
      2.  go and edit any form input field, e.g. Subject

      Expected results

      The form opens without errors and available validators are populated in the TwinColSelect component according to configuration at /modules/form/config/validators

      Actual results

      A runtime error is thrown, form opens but validators are not populated

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Hierarchical data provider doesn't support non-hierarchical queries at com.vaadin.data.provider.HierarchicalDataProvider.size(HierarchicalDataProvider.java:51)

      Development notes

      Works in 6.2.6 (see demo). Found out during QA of MGNLFORM-322 but seems unrelated.

      The underlying DataProvider is HierarchicalJcrDataProvider but a plain Query object is instantiated at com.vaadin.data.provider.DataCommunicator.getDataProviderSize line #815

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