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DOC: Update LinkFieldDefinition properties


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      The following changes have been implemented for https://docs.magnolia-cms.com/product-docs/Templating/Dialog-definition/Field-definition/List-of-fields/Link-field.html:

      • buttonSelectNewLabel defaults to translated fields.button.select.new key.
      • buttonSelectOtherLabel is deprecated.
      • emptySelectionAllowed defaults to false.
      • filteringMode defaults to CONTAINS.
      • New showOptions = false.
      • showOptions and textInputAllowed have to be set to true for filtering to work.
         To enable filtering, you have to set both showOptions and textInputAllowed to true.
      • pageLength has nothing to do with filtering.
        optional, default is 0
        To enable paging in the field pop-up, the value must be an integer greater than 0. A value of 0 disables paging and makes all items visible.
      • showOptions has to be set to true for options to appear in a combobox. The warning about possible performance issues should be moved to the showOptions property.
         Enabling and using showOptions with a data source that contains large data sets may lead to performance issues.

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