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Changing languages on a dialog removes actions and scrollbar


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    • 6.2.11
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      Steps to reproduce

      1.  Open any dialog featuring i18n fields (so the language switcher appears at the bottom.
      2.  Resize the browser window enough so a scrollbar appears on the dialog form.
      3. Switch languages forth and back (English-German-English, as an example)
      4. The scrollbar, language switcher and form actions won't load.

      Normal view without changing languages


      Scrollbar and actions not appearing after changing languages

      Expected results

      Everything should render without issues.

      Actual results

      A JavaScript console error is thrown: ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING 200 and no scrollbar nor form actions appear.


      Switching form tabs or resizing the browser window force the scrollbar and actions to properly render.

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