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Users Are Able to Use Incorrect Actions In Context Menus For Content Nodes


    • Yes
    • UI FW 39, UI FW 40
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      • Open a content app (can be Tours, Tours Category, or even the DAM)
      • Click on a Folder node to expand its contents
      • Still having the folder selected, right click on one of its nodes
      • The pop up menu that appears when you right click contains actions that are not supposed to show up. (You can compare what actions are supposed to show with the action bar on the right)
      • If you click add folder, a folder will be added below the content node but this is not correct.

      For example “Add Folder” is not supposed to show up on the context menu for a node.

      This is reproducible on the demo.

      You can also reproduce the problem by not having any node or folder selected, then right clicking on the node.

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