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JcrSearchSuppliersGenerator does not set definition name resulting in invalid messagebundle keys.


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    • 6.2.27
    • 6.2.16
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      The JcrSearchSuppliersGenerator generates a SearchSupplierDefinition for jcr apps without a configured one. However it does not set the definition name causing the message bundle key for the app name to be 'search.result.supplier..label' instead of 'search.result.supplier.appname.label' resulting in a fallback to the appname itself.

      Location in the code where the definition is generated: info.magnolia.ui.framework.JcrSearchSuppliersGenerator.AutogeneratedDefinitionProvider#AutogeneratedDefinitionProvider

      Location where the bundle key is generated: info.magnolia.periscope.search.SearchResultSupplierDefinitionKeyGenerator

      Reproduction steps:
       0) on demo.magnolia-cms.com
       1) provide a translation for i18n key search.result.supplier.site.label
       2) search sportstation in find bar

      Expected result:
       translation for key should appear in left column for results from Site app

      Actual result:
       Site (as an appName fallback) appears in left column


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